Accomplishments, thoughts, setbacks. You'll find them all here.


My essay "The Pressure to Assimilate" was published in Science Magazine's "Working Life" column. I am ecstatic to share my experience with so many people around the world!


Good News! I have submitted my research article entitled "Males can’t afford to be choosy: male reproductive investment does not influence preference for female size in Limia (Poeciliidae)to Behavioural Processes! Fingers crossed!


I have transitioned successfully back to the US and am now under quarantine. I have spent much of my time catching up on writing. and even more being less productive. I suppose that's how it goes.


Unfortunately, my Fulbright had to be cut short. Nevertheless, I am grateful to and for all the nice people I met in the Tiedemann lab as well as the friends I made while in Germany. 

Fulbright Scholar


In 2019-2020 I had the awesome opportunity to study at the Universitat Potsdam in Germany under Prof. Ralph Tiedemann. 

My thoughts on the recent protests and riots

The issue of racism, discrimination, and oppression has been a persistent and complex legacy of our nation. While I don't condone violence, we should empathize with those who are feeling frustrated and angered about being unheard. Many disenfranchised people feel they have exhausted all alternatives for peacefully communicating that their lives matter and should not have to live in fear of law enforcement. I believe we need to listen and empathize with our fellow brothers and sisters. So anyone and everyone who are able I encourage you to contact your local, state, and federal representative demanding the change you would like to see and continue making your voice heard. But while you are making sure you are heard listen because we are not a monolith we are communities compromised of individuals with differing opinions and experiences. These are divisive issues but we must stand united and continue to show our support for the movement and one another. #BlackLivesMatter  #BlackintheIvory #BlackInSTEM #VanguardSTEM

Congrats to Margaret and Sophie!

These awesome undergrads have helped me collect data essential to my dissertation. I was lucky to recruit such awesome students and I know they are going to do great things!

Founding of the OU Biology Diversity Inclusion and Equity Committee

Due to the efforts of myself and fellow SIC! members we have helped establish a committee within the University of Oklahoma's Biology Department dedicated to promoting an inclusive atmosphere

Dominican Republic Collection Trip

I was able to visit a beautiful country in the Caribbean and collect some awesome fishes. Thanks to my labmate Rodet for the awesome experience!

Guest Lecture

I am excited to provide a guest lecture to the students of OU Biology's 1005 on the topic of sexual selection.